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Let me demystify the process for you.

Commissioned art is the opportunity to connect your idea with a freelance artist who has the skills to make it real. 

Whether it is the image you need to bring together your organization´s next campaign or the personalized portrait of your beloved community member, every piece of commissioned art is as unique as the individual who envisions it. 

My responsibility as an artist is to engage a collaborative process with your original idea at the center. 

The process involves sharing your idea in as much detail as possible and any references to help me join you in your visioning.

Through multiple sketches and drafts with a focus on feedback and enthusiastic consent, my clients walk away with a final product that honors their original vision and an experience of feeling heard and respected in the process of working together.

Below I share testimonies from clients who have hired me to create commissioned art with them.


"Me and my team have reviewed this draft and unanimously and absolutely, sincerely love it… You have been wonderful to work with, your paintings beautiful and your story poignant. I so greatly appreciate every bit of it and wouldn't hesitate to work with you in the future." -Jen Pick, Communications Associate, FSPA

Perspectives Magazine is a quarterly publication from the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration that "tells the stories of how, grounded in Franciscan spirit and values, we are nurturing relationships, building global awareness, acting for justice and peace, caring for the environment and creating unity in diversity through the commitment to Gospel living." 


“With the commission I had in mind, I knew I needed an artist who would hold space for such a personal and tragic subject as infant loss, while also seeing the beauty and gentleness in what the resulting portrait would mean. Annemarie was so kind and supportive and caring from the start. Her rates are beyond reasonable, and the process of working with her was so easy. She worked with reference photos, sent multiple works in progress, and communicated clear milestones for when decisions needed to be made. She always kept me informed every step of the way and honestly made it so easy to follow the process. The outcome is so beautiful and she handled the process and subject matter with such grace, I truly could not have asked for a better collaborator.” -James Grace, brother of John Kennedy 

This commissioned family portrait was created in memory of Blair Evelyn Kennedy, the third daughter of Ashlie and John Kennedy who died at 31 weeks of pregnancy and was born in a stillbirth after 72 hours of labor. Just a few weeks later, Ashlie was expected to return to work. The couple is now advocating for a Bill that would "protect families including those who experience child loss." As John Kennedy explains, "Too many of our friends and family have had to return to work after pregnancy, childbirth, and the loss of a child because they are unprotected and unsupported." Ashlie and John Kennedy, both State employees in Minnesota, continue to advocate for Paid Family and Medical Leave. Learn more about their story HERE.


"In her words, ´I am learning every day about how our capacity for resilience depends on the relationships in our lives.  From the wisdom of indigenous communities world wide, white folks like me are learning that those relationships, so important to resilience, must grow beyond the human species, must include our relationship with plant and animal life, must be rooted in our relationship with the land.´ Our collaboration with Annemarie was greatly complicated by the pandemic. Her partner, Javier, bicycled 20 miles from their home with her original paintings to access a high-quality scanner to send us production-ready artwork!" -Excerpt from Syracuse Cultural Workers 2021 Peace Calendar

"Syracuse Cultural Workers seeks to nourish communities that honor diversity and creative expression, and inspire movements for justice, equality and liberation while respecting our Earth and all its beings...We're a leading publisher and seller of social justice posters, social justice T-shirts, Indigenous posters. A range of products which address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). We have a wide range LGBTQ+ posters, T-shirts and more. Our feminist T-shirts are seen at events across the country."


"Such a pleasure working with you as well. You are so talented, and I am so excited to share your art with the community. Hope and resilience are so important this season. Hope to work with you again in the future." -Amy Brandt, Communications & Special Project Coordinator, OCH 

Olympic Community of Health, is a non-profit that brings together primary care, behavioral health, Tribal health centers, community-based organizations to work together on tough health issues specific to Western Washington State.

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